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Jason has served in the office of the Evangelist for the previous twelve years.

He received his ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God fellowship in September of 1999. Pastoral invitations from all across the nation have given this ministry the opportunity to speak before audiences of every shape and size.

Blessed with an ability to effectively communicate the gospel, Jason has lead listeners from all walks of life to an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Our Philosophy

The philosophical foundation of this evangelistic ministry is derived from the writings of the Apostle Paul:

I Corinthians 9:17 - "For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid me;
yes, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!"

II Timothy 4:2 - "Preach the word"

Titus 1:3 - "But has in due times manifested his word through preaching" We strive to make the preaching of the scriptures paramount in this ministry. The pulpits of America are occupied by comedians, motivators, and political pundits. However, we still believe the Bible will
speak for itself, if only given the opportunity.


Jason Stidham Ministries presents sound Pauline doctrine as the focal point of our pulpit ministry.

I Corinthians 1:23  "But we preach Christ crucified"

We believe Christ and him crucified is the scarlet thread that brings continuity throughout the entirety of the Bible. This great redemption plan was concealed in the Old Testament and revealed in the New Testament. With this understanding, our ministry seeks to present the atonement of Christ as the solution to every problem that mankind may face.

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We understand that philosophy and theology must be presented so that practical application is made
to everyday life and living. This ministry is dependent on the operation of the Holy Spirit to accomplish such a task.

I Corinthians 2:4  "And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of mans wisdom, but
in demonstration of the Spirit and of power."

Each service we minister in is designed to provide the realization that Christianity is more than mere
songs we sing, prayers we pray, or sermons we preach. Every effort is made so that people discover the reality of Christ and the power of the Pentecostal experience!

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